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I'm looking for top tier furry/anthro artists to add to my dA watchlist. I'd prefer NSFW artists but clean will be acceptable.
If you know any, toss me a link in the comments below!
Thank you for reading!
I hate that I have to go back and I wish I didn't need to.
I'd love to get into them but I'm so lost. D: Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated.

WoLF: A Second Chance

Thu Apr 20, 2017, 11:37 AM


Oliver and Zechariah
Takes places after just outside the Kinder territory during Fall around mid-morning.


The crunch of dried leaves echoed loudly as Zachariah made his way along the borders of his gang. News of the two warring packs had soon reached his ears and he was making sure the small territory that the Kinder called home was marked properly. He doubted that the Na”em pack would harass them but the Howahkan pack was another story. His green eyes narrowed in anger as past events filled his mind briefly before he shook his head to clear the memories. He didn't need his mind clouded with things that he couldn't change.

As he made his rounds, the scent of the strange naked hindleg walkers reached his nose and he froze. Whenever these creatures were around new wolves always seemed to pop up. Some joined the Kinder Gang while others preferred the life of a loner. This was just a way of life and it never felt odd to him in the slightest.

Lifting his head, he scented the air in order get a better clue on their current whereabouts. From what he gathered the scent was fading but it also revealed the under scent of a young wolf. A grin slowly spread across his maw as he began to walk again. This time he angled towards the scent in hopes of catching the young wolf before they bolted into the surrounding forest.


That was for sure one hell of a ride. Moments ago he was in this place where he had spent a few months, watched closely by two legged creatures and then all of the sudden something stung his hind leg before everything went dark, again.

When he was on his senses again, he realized he wasn’t at the same place he was kept before, he was now inside of a cage with a wide open door. The light coming from the outside made Oliver narrow his eyes as stood up stumbling a little. He peeked his head outside and could not believe his eyes, he was finally free.

Without thinking it twice he dashed outside, he was feeling quite dizzy but the excitement to finally see no borders around him made it impossible to stop now. He crashed against the ground a few time in his race but he was so fascinated by the surroundings and this feeling of new undiscovered freedom that he just got up and kept running with a smile on his face that wasn’t there since a long time.

Little did he knew about this place for sure, probably if he would have paid attention to the scents around him things would have gone in a different way. His race ended up abruptly a few centimeters away from an unknown wolf, nearly crashing against him.

The stranger was a little bit taller than him but bigger in every way and his sole presence made Ollie lower his body to the ground. He froze, looked into the stranger’s eyes and frowned to hide his surprise, probably not the best idea since Oliver was most likely in this guy’s territory but that was the only thing his dizzy mind told him to do in that situation.


Zachariah moved through the forest at an easy lope. His eyes were on the lookout for signs of the hind leg walkers. Suddenly, a flash of brown exploded from the foliage. He dodged to the side in order to avoid being slammed into as a wolf tore past him. Doing so allowed him to catch a whiff of scent as the other moved past him and he learned that this was who he was looking.

“Woah man, what's the rush?” He asked with a smile and a slight tilt of his head. He could tell the other was nervous which isn't much of a surprise since he was already close to the gang's territory so he kept his tone friendly.


It took him a few seconds to react. The male in front of him seemed friendly so he tried to relax a little bit. “No rush! I didn’t mean to stumble on you like this… I’m sorry” he said as he slowly snapped out of the remaining effects of the sedative and stood straight. He realized the whole place and surroundings were marked by this guy and came up to the obvious conclusion he did stumble with no one else but an alpha, quite a young one but still older and bigger than him.

“My apologizes if I entered your territory without permission, I just got released by the two leggeds and I didn’t knew where I was going” he continued lowering his head trying to show some respect to the alpha who seemed quite relaxed, but still Ollie preferred to be cautious about the stranger as he could suddenly attack him for no reason or something like that. “I’m the individual 3-1-7-7-0, I mean no trouble for you and if you say it I’ll leave immediately, just name it”“ he said looking at the alpha with a very serious expression.


Zachariah nodded in understanding as the stranger explained himself. He’d met a few wolves with similar backstories and knew that the hindleg walkers often dropped wolves off near the surrounding packs and smaller groups in the area. In fact, most of Kinder’s own members were dropped off near the territory with the same story.

He opened his mouth reassure the other male but hesitated when he heard the other's name. His brow furrowed as he tried to make sense of the number of numbers. “3-1-7-7-0 is such an uh interesting name you have. Do you have a nickname you like to go by?” he asked with a tilt of his head.


‘So far so good’ Oliver thought, at least the other male didn’t seemed bothered with him in his territory, if he didn’t chase him off by now why not to give him a better introduction. “Uhm, you can call me Oliver” he replied hesitating a little with his tail in between his legs and lowering his head but now more relaxed about the whole situation.

“Look, the truth is that I don’t have a clue where I’m, where I’m going nor what to do now” he said looking at him and frowning as he realized how screwed he was in that very moment, he didn’t had the moment to process what had just happened there. “But if you point me a direction to go, somewhere I won’t find troubles then I will really appreciate it and leave immediately” he said feeling quite lost now but still trying to show some confidence.


“Well, Oliver it's nice to meet you even if it's due to such an odd situation,” greeted Zachariah with a friendly nod. “Now, this might come as a surprise but the hindleg walkers have dropped you here on purpose” stated the young alpha before adding, “Well, not here specifically but in this forest.” He hoped this wasn't too much for the other male to handle. He never knew how others would react to having their whole life upheaved and replanted in a strange new area.

“I'm Big Brother Zachariah and I'm the alpha of the Kinder Gang which is the territory we're standing in now,” he explained before continuing, “My gang is always on the lookout for new blood if you are willin’ to give us a shot.” He didn't expect the other to actually survive being a loner and he didn't know the other packs well enough to know if he was sending the other male in the right direction or if he'd have sent the other to their doom.

“Others in my gang have similar stories as your own so I'm sure you could find some comfort in that,” he added.


He tilted his head looking at the young alpha as he speaked. ‘The hindleg walkers left me here on purpose?’ He thought confused. Maybe after all that happened this was his second chance, his opportunity to start over or maybe even they could help him regain his memory. A spark of hope lit his eyes as the stranger in front of him offered him a chance of a better life. Oliver took a step forward to the alpha raising his head and tail, finally sure about something ever since his accident. “Then I shall follow you, Big Brother” he finally replied.

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WoLF: Zechariah by DasChocolateWoLF: Maul - Son of Blood by DasChocolate

Doing the Hypo Offspring Meme for my two boys! :la:
Comment with a link to your wolf if you are interested!
I'm not accepting any wolves that I've used before!

✘ - Not Designed || ✔ - Designed

~ Baby Mamas ~
~ Riah ~
1. Riley
2. Eos
3. Ceres
4. Sinclaire

~ Maul ~

Thanks for taking the time to read!

WoLF: Dealing Devils

Thu Apr 6, 2017, 5:09 PM



Ha'an x Lorelei x Maul

HanaMedallion by DasChocolate
Snow crunched under his paws as he followed his dark shadow through the trees as they sought out a particular wolf that she had told him about. A dark wolf with two differently shaped eyes and a skull-like facial marking who sounded like just the wolf he would like to get to know. If the wolf liked to have “fun” with others, Ha’an would definitely like to be “friends” with this wolf and try to use them to help him press his reign over the wolves here. Establishing his own pack by force was incredibly alluring to Ha’an so gaining more flunkies in his mind was a stroke of genius.

The only problem would be staying a step ahead of all the wolves in his life.

His dark green eyes scoured the area for any sign of the dark pelted wolf with the stark white face, while flitting them back to follow the alluring form of his servant. A wicked smile curled at his lips as he licked his muzzle hungrily but he stayed his paws. There were more important issues to attend to first.

“Where do you think this ‘Maul’ would be easiest to find?” he asked aloud, narrowing his eyes at the landscape around them. “A loner is hard to be found if they don’t want to be discovered.” He knew that if he felt threatened he would make himself scarce. But other wolves? What if they held only to be the predator?

The things of his nightmares needed to remain hidden.

She had last seen him here, in this territory- and their first meeting was strange to behold, yet when her Master had asked of any wolves who were eager to shed blood and could inspire fear in many hearts- he was the first one to come to mind. Maul. Something about him seemed too familiar, his red eyes like blood- similar to her own, his dark pelt- toned with grey creams and browns with a haunting skull-marking on his face.

Such an impression had marked her since their meeting and she was busy tracing his scent through snow-filled forests- she had no idea where the loner might have gone off to, but if anything were to go by his eagerness to explore- he might not be in this area any longer. Yet, she hoped, he hadn’t- she sniffed around wood, for any traces of his scent- the snow would have carried off tracks and his smell by now- but the trees held some assistance.

If he had ever brushed himself on a branch or bush, or bark by accident- she would catch it. If he was around the area, he would smell her- smell him- and she hoped his nature would beckon him to come forward to investigate. “Worry not, My Lord.” she replied to her Master who had been relying on her nose and her form to guide him through the snow and through environments. She would not dare to disappoint him now.

“He was here last I saw him, and if he is around here- the moment he catches my scent, he will come to you.” to say “Us”, would have been misleading- it would have implied that they were equals. But no, Ha’an came for Maul and she will deliver him to her Master as he wanted.

Hunger called to Maul as he walked through the snow blanketed unclaimed territory. This wasn’t the typical hunger, no, this was a hunger that gnawed at him to the very core. It was a hunger that never slept and always yearned for more. He gave a huff and stopped his trek; the winter air wafted his fur around. Blood was splattered along the the pale skull like marking on his face. A reminder of his recent meal. Hunting was an easy way to sooth the intense hunger but it was only enough to dull the edge; never to completely sate it.

He flicked his tongue out to taste the blood that coated his lips. The metallic taste reminded him of home, of his mother. It soothed him. (I miss mother,) came Diedrick’s voice from within. Maul gave a grunt towards the voice but remained silent. He missed his baroness as well but knew that his mission was too important to given into his homesickness.

Suddenly, a familiar scent floated through the air. A grin spread across his maw as he pictured the mysterious dark shewolf that belonged to the scent. Had she come to play again? With new vigor, he began to head towards the shewolf. His long legs propelling him through the trees. It wasn't long before he pick up another scent along with the shewolf's. “More playmates?” he wondered to himself with glee.

Finally, the dark male strolled through the trees to where his guests were. His crimson eyes trailed over Lori's dark pelt before moving over to the brown male that accompanied her. “My my my, Lorelei. I didn't know know you'd be so quick to bring a friend,” his voice held a light humorous tone to match the smirk on his face.
HanaMedallion by DasChocolate

The dusty brown male could not help a sneer of disapproval that the other wolf would be looking for his servant by scent but said nothing aloud instead - keeping his ears and eyes alert for the wolf that he was seeking. It should have been no surprise as the stranger materialized from the trees, his ghostly mask on his face marking his entrance for him. Ha’an could barely suppress the shiver of nervous fear that came over him at the sight of this manic-looking creature; one of his eyes reduced to a pinpoint that made his smirk look like the grin of an assassin who thought killing was all to enjoyable of an act to be reserved for revenge. Instead, his hackles twitched - the only sign of his distress as Ha’an’s facial expression morphed into a sneer with a disdainful tone in his voice.

“I’m not a friend,” Ha’an growled out as he moved to twine possessively around Lorelei. “She’s my servant and I am her master. I am Ha’an.” The dusty brown wolf eyed the wolf with the skull-shaped marking on his face. Would this “Maul” be willing to be a part of his plans? He seemed too free - too unpredictable for the dusty brown male who didn’t like unknowns in his games. There was no point in him trying to beat the bush around this wolf. Instead he would have to hope that this wolf’s bloodlust ran deep enough that he would take the offer that Ha’an would give him but not so deep that the dusty brown male became his next target.

“I come seeking you out for a proposition of sorts,” this time Ha’an gave a devious grin as he stepped to present himself in the best light possible for Maul to see. “I am looking to start my own pack but I have some… unfinished business… to take care of. I want wolves who are under my paw without so much as a peep of revolt out of them. And if it comes to shedding blood or killing to make my point, such an act is not beneath me. If you wish to join us, I will offer you a handsome reward - and the freedom to have ‘fun’ with the targets I wish you to strike. As well as… other things.” Ha’an stepped aside away from Lorelei as he implied the last, his own tongue flicking out with barely contained desire. But he must suppress it - for now it was important to gain Maul’s agreement and to start the next phase of the act.

Lorelei had been about to answer Maul’s teasing remarks, but the moment her Master had begun to speak, she had closed her maw completely. Truth, perhaps she had thought too quickly when it came to wolves who would most likely want to cause a bit of trouble, without question- and perhaps follow someone. She had not known Maul for too long but his skill is what brought him to her mind initially.

He had this crazed look that would inspire fear in even the most confident wolves, and cause those with cowardly ways to run with their tails between their legs. He was ferocious as he was a wild card. However, she hoped the lure and promise of a reward would suffice and allow the other heathen to calm the more invigorating side of him. As Ha’an stepped aside as he emphasized his last offer, she smirked.

Of course, with the promise of her company alongside various other rewards, how could Maul say no? She would not have thought it more fitting, a clear sign that Ha’an knew those around him well enough. He was truly the Alpha he was trained to be, nothing but a calculating mind and true vision of a Leader. Her red eyes found Maul again, and as an added tease, she winked.

Maul raised a brow at the male's growl and watched the other male move around to place himself in front of Lorelei. “Servant, huh?”, he thought to himself as his eyes glanced toward the shewolf. He was curious how the older male had tamed the dark shewolf but that was a story for another time. Returning his crimson eyes turned back to the dusty male, he listened to what the other had to offer.

Like most that sought him out, Maul was offered the chance at doing what he did best. Bloodshed. His tongue flicked out to taste the drying blood that still clung onto his lips. It was always a joy doing what he loved but what made Ha'an's offer better was when he stepped aside to show Lorelei. The dark shewolf gave him a wink and he couldn't keep the grin from sliding across his maw. “Well Ha'an, what can I say? You had me at the word ‘fun’! I'll help with your unfinished business and who knows, we might end up friends out of it” he said gleefully.
HanaMedallion by DasChocolate

If Ha’an could cry out with triumph without giving himself away at this moment, he would have. Instead, the dusty brown wolf settled for a widening of his devious grin as the skull-marked wolf agreed to his terms. If there was anything that needed a strong set of fangs for, or even for some “convincing” of certain wolves to become members of his pack by the paw of violence. It was just the way that Ha’an liked to run things if ordering the death of his own brother had meant anything.

Soon he would have an empire on which he was the sole leader of with no other wolf daring to impede on his territory. It was quite the glorious thought.

“That’s excellent!” Ha’an replied his green eyes dark with bloodlust. “There’s a lot that we must start on then so we can get the fun started! I have a few… problems… that need to be resolved currently. I’m sure we could have some fun with them now can’t we?” The dusty brown male licked his lips at the thought of finishing the ties that were threatening his ability to create his pack - to silence those that threatened to bring up his past in the face of others. So there were a few connected with his newly deceased brother that also needed to be taught a lesson.

Yes… this would be fun indeed.

“If you’re ready to have some fun, let’s get started!” he turned to face the side, nodding toward the northwest. “Come now, Lorelei, there’s work to do.” He grinned, waiting for consent before leading the group to the next deadly game Ha’an was willing to play against those who knew him and threatened his ability to make his pack a reality.

There was no question, nor was there any hesitance- Lorelei was already at his heels, following him like a loyal dog, a part of her wanting to wait a while and give Maul something to look forward to. Truth, she did not feel anything sort of want for the dark male, but he was interesting, and she did not mind if Ha’an wished for him to have her for a few moments at a time, she would only ever go back to him after it was done. Her face became dark, however. This male would have to be careful, she belonged to Ha’an, and only to him.

She could see signs of the seasons changing as snow began to melt in the air and ground below, soon, spring will come. A plentiful time, which means that she would be ready to copulate and breed. She was sure Ha’an would be readily seeking for that chance, given how often he would look at her with lust, and she was honored to even be considered as a possible breeding partner.

If that damned Maria did not do her job, she would do it for her, perhaps- then, she would be the only shewolf in his life. Perhaps he will choose her. Her eyes then trailed back, her peripherals spotting Maul, after all, Ha’an had promised her to him in such a way, and she knew that a male who was promised a female who was in heat, or near it, would jump on the chance. She grinned.

As long as Ha’an had what he wanted, it did not matter.

Maul nodded eagerly in agreement to Ha’an’s statement. In truth, he was curious to see what type of problems could be hindering the dusty male but the thought of bloodshed thrilled him more than that. It sent shivers down his spin. He turned to fall behind his new playmates with a smirk on his face but hesitated briefly when a voice spoke. (You should be wary of this Ha’an guy) warned Diedrick, his voice full of suspicion. (I don't trust him.)

The dark male's smirk dipped slightly at the warning but then grew into a wider grin.If Diedrick was against playing with Ha'an, then it was obvious the older male was worth hanging around. With new determination, he quickly followed behind the pair. He was eager to see what goodies Ha’an had up his sleeve but he'd be cautious to appease Diedrick’s worries.

Come what may, he was sure to have a good time.

WoLF: Zechariah by DasChocolateWoLF: Maul - Son of Blood by DasChocolate
So I'm looking to develop my characters and I'm looking for some people to help me with that!* :dummy:
I'm open to both RPs and collabs!
Comment if you're interested!
*Active WoLF characters only!

What I'm looking for:

Meet n' Greets
- Age doesn't matter
- Gender doesn't matter
- Open to any pack!
Can be good or bad relationships!

Thank you for taking the time to read!
So i'm looking to getting into this new ARPG i found. I'm so weak to big cats. @_@

I'm looking for undesigned genos and i'm willing to pay with art or usd!
I'm looking to commission 1 or 2 big artists for some site graphics (banners, pixels, ect) and maybe some large art pieces. If you know anyone currently open or you'd recommend, totally drop links here! :la

What I'm Offering

$5 - $10 Designs
AT - Vengeance is mine. by DasChocolateWoLF: Winter Opening Adoptables - CLOSED by DasChocolate com - Sun Kissed by DasChocolate

$10 Headshots
Com - Gwen by DasChocolateWoLF: Free Headshots by DasChocolateStand By Me by DasChocolate

$20 Fullbody Sketches
Queen Llor Eistoot Namlag The 3rd by DasChocolate Exotic Pussy Cat by DasChocolate Com - 100% Mist by DasChocolate com - Pasta With No Sause by DasChocolate

Will/Won't Draw

If is not on the list, ask!
  • I will draw
    • NSFW
    • SFW
    • Ferals
    • Anthros

  • I won't draw
    • Vehicles
    • Buildings


+ Traits: Courageous, Loyal, Protective, Dutiful, Affectionate
- Traits: Unquestioning, Ruthless, Impulsive, Willful, Unforthcoming

:new: Going with Dagsworth for her! Thank you all for helping me pick! <3
I'm not sure where she'd fit pack-wise so I'd love any recommendations! :la:

Dagsworth -3
Dunkle - 2
Vry - 0

WoLF is open for new members!

Sun Feb 26, 2017, 4:56 PM

WoLF is open for app from:

June 01, 2017 at 12:00 am EST to June 12, 2017, at 12:00 am EST*

*It's NOT first come, first serve so you don't have to worry about staying open all night just to submit an app.

To join, please see Entering The Sanctuary!
This will be a highly competitive opening!

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Edited by DasChocolate
Unpublished 2016 WoLF

An Unusual Alliance (Kinder/Howahkan plot)

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2017, 1:53 PM

Big Brother Zechariah will be gathering a few of his *highest ranked wolves of each task to join him in meeting with Alpha Powaqa to hopefully arrange an alliance. They will meet on neutral lands and the alphas will discuss privately when their trade terms are. Those that come from the Kinder Gang may interact with the Howahkan wolves that follow the swamp queen.

*If you are a gatherer, you will not be able to join at this time.

Current Picked Wolves
Healer: Indra
Hunter: OPEN
Scout: Maria
Raider: Altan
Warrior: Miri
Storyteller: Mirshann

For those that don't get picked, dont worry! We will be doing a prompt for those that stay behind. ^^

Tagging those in the gang
Sarqwolf, lilwyverngirl, Ammerlie, bonzaai, Fleurishh, JaywolfKip,
Kerbywolf, Azaleya, Sun--Ray, DyLeion, Lisikka, goonspoopky, NeonScarves, uasho-lynx, SilkenGalaxy, TyrantZeDino

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now.
Clearing out a lot of dead, inactive, and deactivated accounts.
Mutal watchers are safe. ^^
The first 10 people to comment on this journal will get three deviations I like most from their gallery featured!
*BUT you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, featuring me in one of the slots before I'll add yours in!*

1. :iconastarcis:

Procrastinating werewolf by Astarcis
I really love the look of the image and the story that came with it!

   by Astarcis
Gorgeous background with this one!

Day 2 by Astarcis
English cocker spaniel. What more can I say?
2. :iconraven-akire:

AT: Im blue too by raven-akire
Beautiful jungle/tropical colors! 

Patrol by raven-akire
I love the background on this one!

Hikari on snow by raven-akire
I really love snow backgrounds and the gold pelt of the character against the snow is very nice!
3. :iconshiliie:

Gift-Banzai by Shiliie
I really dig the character in her style!

I miss you by Shiliie
Another gorgeous background! I love the lightening.

My old friend by Shiliie
An old one but still beautiful!
4. :iconvolinfer:

Step by Step by Volinfer
A simple background that brings out the character and gives the image a magical and mysterious feel!

Operation Shawarma by Volinfer
Everything about this image is beautiful! I really love the sun rising over the horizon.

Airflow by Volinfer
An interesting pose that was pulled off very well!
5. :iconvolinfer:

Madly serious by Dezigre

Drown by Dezigre

Teach me how to fire by Dezigre

WoLF: Dim Light (Alena/Brunhilda)

Thu Feb 9, 2017, 11:04 AM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox


Alena and Brunhilda

The day was setted with a thick heavy fog that clouded the forest area. That soon vanished amongst the trees, clearing ways where a glimpse of a blood trail led to an awful sight. The air was stenched with iron as the the crimson color was seemingly everywhere. Alena whined peering around the darkening setting around her. it had only been maybe hours since the death of her beloved family. Her mother and her 2 siblings dead. Alena looked to see her siblings bodies were scattered from where she cuddled next to her mother.

Alena was injured her back leg was bleeding and she was feeling light headed. She stumbled up in attempts to nudge her mother back awake. nosing at her face she whined as she stumbled unable to stand she fell back to the ground next to her mother's head. Alena whined as she looked at her fallen siblings Zach and Layla , she huffed looking around. As soon as she closed her eyes she cried out loud with a yelp, it was the flash of the event rehappening again. Her fathers disapproved face as he walked away a week ago. Hearing the painful yelps and cries of her once family slaughtered by 3 large males she couldn't fixate the smell of where they even came from.

stumbled up again, as she looked at her siblings once more lay hidden in a bush or what was left of her atleast, Zach wasn't as bad but it was still an awful sight. Alena whined as she cried, "please wake up mama" she whined repeatedly as she huddled up next to her mother's neck. Alena was covered in blood from her own and her mothers, and this point Alena wanted to go to sleep to and not wake up, if this is what mother was talking about death it was painful. Alena seemingly wanted the same.
WoLF: Brunhilda Medallion by DasChocolate
Brunhilda trotted quickly through the forest borders of the Na”em pack. With the war with Howahkan now over, it was finally time to shift back to the default requirements of her selected task; hunting. Winter was approaching fast and she knew how scarce prey could become once a blanket of snow covered the surrounding land.

She paused to scent the air, her breathing slowing and deepening with each inhale. Suddenly, the smell of blood drifted through the air and confusion flashed across her features. Before she could stop herself, her paws were already moving towards the metallic scent. Each step heightened the scent until it was strong enough for her to almost taste it.

She was already past her pack's borders but curious drove her onward. Pushing past the last piece of foliage, she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight before her. Her eyes widened as she took in the bloody massacre. She was not prepared to have stumbled upon such a scene alone and slowly began to back up out of worry she'd be next. She made a mental note to inform Coven of what she found when she returned.

Alena's sniffles seemed to freeze as a scent reached her nose she froze she turned her head to find another wolf. in fear she whimpered moving herself from her mother's bloody side covered in sticky parts of where blood and mud had dried. it was hard to believe that she was a puppy, the blood seemingly made her appear as some kind of rodent. She stood there tired and worn as she whined while thinking . Alena needed to make a dash for it what if this wolf was just the same as the ones who left her family like this. Alena couldn't just as she was about to make a dash she was frozen once again in utter fear she comprehend why she was afraid perhaps this time she was alone? 

Alena's red eyes darted as her breath quickened as she whined falling to the ground submissively as she whimpered,"please don't hurt me!" She knew she wasn't going to get lucky either with her leg bleeding and wounded she wasn't going to get anywhere anyways. She teared up but no tears fell she was too scared to even cry at this moment. Alena was already to give in seeing she had no chances and therefore no hope of escaping.

WoLF: Brunhilda Medallion by DasChocolate
As she continued to retreat, a high pitched whine drifted out from among the bodies. Her eyes snapped to the corpse of a shewolf and widened as her good eye registered what appeared to be a misshapen rodent nearby. She froze instantly as her mind struggled again. It wasn't until the creature squeaked that she realized it was a gritty wolf pup.

Her features instantly dropped into one of worry as she slowly approached the pup. “Shhh shhh, it's okay! No one is going to hurt you, little one,” she said in a low comforting tone. Her good eye scanned over the pup's  frame in order to assess any injuries the pup might have hidden under the mud and blood.

It wasn't until Alena's eyes that were squeezed shut did she open them to a soothing tone that filled her floppy ears. She blinked few tears fell as she now absently looked up at the large wolf that appeared female. Alena was quickly soothed already now taking in realization perhaps she something won't happen to her. Her red eyes seemingly blinked as she moved slightly up to stand but instead crawled to her destination, she was tired and slightly wounded on her leg. At this point the only comforting thing near her was a wolf that wasn't covered in blood and mud. Her malnourished body huddled up next to the forepaw of the larger wolf. She was tired and at this point couldn't focus or seemingly care if at this point if what she just did was a bad idea, she found comfort and absently desired it without a care of what consequences could follow.

WoLF: Brunhilda Medallion by DasChocolate
Brunhilda’s heart lurched painfully within her chest as the pup crawled forward to huddle near her paws. Her eyes darted up and her ears began to swivel rapidly as she scented the air for those responsible. Her body stood tense and she held herself at ready in case she needed to defend the injured pup. Fortunately, she only scented the two of them.

Shifting into a slight relaxed stance, she leaned forward to inspect the pup. With her good eye, she could barely see through the blood and mud clung heavily to the small pup. Quickly, Brunhilda began to lick the blood and grime off the pup’s body. She slowed only when she spotted a wound on the pup’s leg. Who could have done this? Why would anyone do this? Questions bombarded her mind as she stood among the massacre. 

 "I’m going to take you some place safe, little one," she assured softly as she formed a gentle grip around the pup's middle. With pup in tow, she turned away from the blood bath before her. She’d need to inform Coven of what happened here.

Not me but another great artist is!
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My body and soul are ready for this diamond. *implodes*

May all your dark dreams come true today!