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WoLF: A Second Chance

Thu Apr 20, 2017, 11:37 AM


Oliver and Zechariah
Takes places after just outside the Kinder territory during Fall around mid-morning.


The crunch of dried leaves echoed loudly as Zachariah made his way along the borders of his gang. News of the two warring packs had soon reached his ears and he was making sure the small territory that the Kinder called home was marked properly. He doubted that the Na”em pack would harass them but the Howahkan pack was another story. His green eyes narrowed in anger as past events filled his mind briefly before he shook his head to clear the memories. He didn't need his mind clouded with things that he couldn't change.

As he made his rounds, the scent of the strange naked hindleg walkers reached his nose and he froze. Whenever these creatures were around new wolves always seemed to pop up. Some joined the Kinder Gang while others preferred the life of a loner. This was just a way of life and it never felt odd to him in the slightest.

Lifting his head, he scented the air in order get a better clue on their current whereabouts. From what he gathered the scent was fading but it also revealed the under scent of a young wolf. A grin slowly spread across his maw as he began to walk again. This time he angled towards the scent in hopes of catching the young wolf before they bolted into the surrounding forest.


That was for sure one hell of a ride. Moments ago he was in this place where he had spent a few months, watched closely by two legged creatures and then all of the sudden something stung his hind leg before everything went dark, again.

When he was on his senses again, he realized he wasn’t at the same place he was kept before, he was now inside of a cage with a wide open door. The light coming from the outside made Oliver narrow his eyes as stood up stumbling a little. He peeked his head outside and could not believe his eyes, he was finally free.

Without thinking it twice he dashed outside, he was feeling quite dizzy but the excitement to finally see no borders around him made it impossible to stop now. He crashed against the ground a few time in his race but he was so fascinated by the surroundings and this feeling of new undiscovered freedom that he just got up and kept running with a smile on his face that wasn’t there since a long time.

Little did he knew about this place for sure, probably if he would have paid attention to the scents around him things would have gone in a different way. His race ended up abruptly a few centimeters away from an unknown wolf, nearly crashing against him.

The stranger was a little bit taller than him but bigger in every way and his sole presence made Ollie lower his body to the ground. He froze, looked into the stranger’s eyes and frowned to hide his surprise, probably not the best idea since Oliver was most likely in this guy’s territory but that was the only thing his dizzy mind told him to do in that situation.


Zachariah moved through the forest at an easy lope. His eyes were on the lookout for signs of the hind leg walkers. Suddenly, a flash of brown exploded from the foliage. He dodged to the side in order to avoid being slammed into as a wolf tore past him. Doing so allowed him to catch a whiff of scent as the other moved past him and he learned that this was who he was looking.

“Woah man, what's the rush?” He asked with a smile and a slight tilt of his head. He could tell the other was nervous which isn't much of a surprise since he was already close to the gang's territory so he kept his tone friendly.


It took him a few seconds to react. The male in front of him seemed friendly so he tried to relax a little bit. “No rush! I didn’t mean to stumble on you like this… I’m sorry” he said as he slowly snapped out of the remaining effects of the sedative and stood straight. He realized the whole place and surroundings were marked by this guy and came up to the obvious conclusion he did stumble with no one else but an alpha, quite a young one but still older and bigger than him.

“My apologizes if I entered your territory without permission, I just got released by the two leggeds and I didn’t knew where I was going” he continued lowering his head trying to show some respect to the alpha who seemed quite relaxed, but still Ollie preferred to be cautious about the stranger as he could suddenly attack him for no reason or something like that. “I’m the individual 3-1-7-7-0, I mean no trouble for you and if you say it I’ll leave immediately, just name it”“ he said looking at the alpha with a very serious expression.


Zachariah nodded in understanding as the stranger explained himself. He’d met a few wolves with similar backstories and knew that the hindleg walkers often dropped wolves off near the surrounding packs and smaller groups in the area. In fact, most of Kinder’s own members were dropped off near the territory with the same story.

He opened his mouth reassure the other male but hesitated when he heard the other's name. His brow furrowed as he tried to make sense of the number of numbers. “3-1-7-7-0 is such an uh interesting name you have. Do you have a nickname you like to go by?” he asked with a tilt of his head.


‘So far so good’ Oliver thought, at least the other male didn’t seemed bothered with him in his territory, if he didn’t chase him off by now why not to give him a better introduction. “Uhm, you can call me Oliver” he replied hesitating a little with his tail in between his legs and lowering his head but now more relaxed about the whole situation.

“Look, the truth is that I don’t have a clue where I’m, where I’m going nor what to do now” he said looking at him and frowning as he realized how screwed he was in that very moment, he didn’t had the moment to process what had just happened there. “But if you point me a direction to go, somewhere I won’t find troubles then I will really appreciate it and leave immediately” he said feeling quite lost now but still trying to show some confidence.


“Well, Oliver it's nice to meet you even if it's due to such an odd situation,” greeted Zachariah with a friendly nod. “Now, this might come as a surprise but the hindleg walkers have dropped you here on purpose” stated the young alpha before adding, “Well, not here specifically but in this forest.” He hoped this wasn't too much for the other male to handle. He never knew how others would react to having their whole life upheaved and replanted in a strange new area.

“I'm Big Brother Zachariah and I'm the alpha of the Kinder Gang which is the territory we're standing in now,” he explained before continuing, “My gang is always on the lookout for new blood if you are willin’ to give us a shot.” He didn't expect the other to actually survive being a loner and he didn't know the other packs well enough to know if he was sending the other male in the right direction or if he'd have sent the other to their doom.

“Others in my gang have similar stories as your own so I'm sure you could find some comfort in that,” he added.


He tilted his head looking at the young alpha as he speaked. ‘The hindleg walkers left me here on purpose?’ He thought confused. Maybe after all that happened this was his second chance, his opportunity to start over or maybe even they could help him regain his memory. A spark of hope lit his eyes as the stranger in front of him offered him a chance of a better life. Oliver took a step forward to the alpha raising his head and tail, finally sure about something ever since his accident. “Then I shall follow you, Big Brother” he finally replied.

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 Oliver, newly relocated to the sanctuary, stumbles too close to the Kinder Gang.

Oliver © Azaleya
Zachariah © DasChocolate 
For WolvesofLunarForest
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